Fenek^^ speaks <tech>

Fenek^^ serves as your embassy, your guide, and your advocate in the ever-changing landscape of the global IT industry and the CEE tech scene. Our strategic insights and deep relationships with the key players in the tech scene allow us to superspeed your strategic communicational efforts.

Our team of award-winning professionals represents international clients coming to the CEE region, launching new services, such as Uber, or building a new engineering site, such as Pipedrive.

Our main focus is on consulting leading tech companies with CEE roots, such as Emplifi, Heureka Group, Presto Ventures, Keboola, IP Fabric, Stories.bi, Apify, and many more.

Outside of a strict tech focus, we are also behind two printed magazines: EXEC magazine for E-commerce Managers, client Shopsys, and Pro magazine about the strategic role of marketing, aimed at the CMO target group with Proficio as a client. We also produce our own podcasts/professional communities: Data Talk and PeopleOps.

Fennec fox is a clever, agile, and adaptable creature, and so are we at Fenek^^ – always looking for the most effective way to communicate to your specific audience.

Join our pack.

Our services:


  • events calendar
    • monthly hand-picked selection of events with rating and recommendation
  • speaking and sponsorship opportunities
    • list of relevant conferences, meetups, awards
    • organizers outreach
    • helping with topics, pitches and presentations
  • own events (meetups, hackathons)
    • ideation, strategy
    • communication and invites
    • event management
  • influencer mkt
    • idea/audit, strategy
    • influencers outreach


  • copy
    • naming, slogans etc.
    • webcopy: landing pages, career pages
    • JDs
  • blogs and newsletters
    • ideation /audit, strategy
    • creation, content management
  • magazines
  • podcasts
  • Linkedin & socials
    • personal profiles
    • ambassador program


  • press releases
  • press events
  • media relations incl. podcasts and trade media
  • media trainings